What People Are Saying about Kevin

Kevin and his staff are great to work with. Very thoughtful and creative presentations. Our staff continues to use and practice the information that Kevin shared in his presentation on customer service. I highly recommend Kevin and his staff for future staff development.

Kevin was one of our guest speakers at BCG’s Leadership and Development Program and led one of our training sessions. He is an expert in the topic and is fantastic at engaging the audience by making the content very interesting and informative. I really appreciated that Kevin made the training fun by sharing personal anecdotes that were both humorous and relatable, and tied them back to our leadership topic. I walked out of this training feeling better informed and confident on how to develop more of a growth mindset in both my career and personal life. I very much look forward to attending one of Kevin’s trainings in the future!

Kevin is a consummate professional, a pleasure to work with, and someone you can trust. I’ve known Kevin for many years and have partnered with him on any number of projects. During my tenure at Course Technology we partnered with him to develop and deliver training material, which was exceptional as was their customer service and support for their products.

Kevin spoke at our Women at Dell meeting. Not only did he bring a positive energy to the meeting, he introduced us to useful ideas. I was able to employ his ideas the following week as a panelist in an open forum.

I had the honor of hearing Kevin speak at our campus’s wellness staff retreat a few month ago and to say I left feeling transformed is an understatement. He has a way of demanding the room and allowing you to truly reflect on your life for the better. His presentation was centered around a positive mindset and being in a constant state of gratitude. With the ability to story tell and give real life examples, he made a impact not only on myself but with those I interact with. He assigned homework to each participant and it included writing down one’s core values which allowed me to reflect on what was truly important to me and be consistent with those things each day. He also shared a morning activity that he does which centers around showing gratitude. I have added that activity to my morning routine and although I still have work to do, I can attest that Kevin made a lasting impact on my life that was certainly for the best. I want to again thank you for you time and know that I look forward to working with you in the future.

Kevin’s session at the 2023 UHD Staff Wellness Retreat was engaging, inspiring, and motivating. I left feeling prepared to approach my work with a fresh mindset, and I was excited to immediately employ some of the internal reflection strategies Kevin shared.

Kevin presented multiple times for the Austin Association of Facilities and Maintenance Engineers over the years. His training programs, and his delivery of the programs, were always very captivating and informative. I remember one occasion when the room was packed, and all stayed until the end getting every piece of information they possibly could. Over 24 hours later and the buzz was still in the air about how great this session was in both the material presented and the guy presenting it. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone who is considering utilizing his services.
I really enjoyed Kevin’s class and found many nuggets of gold that I have already seen returns. It’s all about Kaizen and I appreciate Kevin’s role! I advocate Kevin as a resource. One sand dollar at a time!!! Thank you again for coaching me to be a better Team member – at work and at home!

H-U-G-E Thank You to Kevin for his recent virtual workshop on Positivity Under Pressure! Kevin’s ability to keep a group engaged and captivated is unparalleled, and his desire to share his knowledge on Positivity make “learning” almost effortless. I was the point person that set up the (December) virtual session with Kevin, and was amazed at how the participants wanted to share throughout. I got several ‘thank you for setting that up’ emails after the session, with some of the respondents thanking me for the ‘early’ Christmas gift. Great message, great ideas, great presenter!

Kevin has the ability to quickly build a connection with participants; his professional facilitation skills, partnered with his engaging delivery, encourages those in the classroom (in-person and virtual) to be curious and open to learning. His Positivity Under Pressure webinar was a hit with our employees, prompting many to find way to promote positivity groups within the organization.

Kevin has provided amazing training to our customers for over 5+ years. Every single time we partner with him to launch training with a new site, we get nothing but rave reviews. Kevin has been so easy and fun to work with from the very start, and I jump at the chance to tell others about them. The classes are fun, engaging, and relevant to both our work and professional lives. Perhaps the most impressive thing though is how thoroughly they research our industry and roles in order to deliver the training. Not a single person leaves a training without feeling like Kevin really knows and understands what we do, and without feeling like we have new skills to do our jobs better than before.
Kevin is an excellent business partner, is always thoroughly prepared, and is very dynamic in their presentation style. He adapts well and connects with diverse audiences globally, and consistently receives high satisfaction ratings. One of the most engaging and enjoyable personalities you’ll meet!

Kevin is an AWESOME business partner, public speaker, and teacher. We have collaborated with him on multiple occasions to help upskill the presentation skills of our Leaders. He is an engaging presenter and facilitates his classes with enthusiasm and energy. He is a servant leader at heart, and goes above and beyond to ensure he’s meeting the individual development needs of each program participant. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to advance their public speaking skills!

Kevin is an excellent speaker that has the gift of keeping everyone engaged. He has a depth of materials to choose from that will cater to any work environment. He led a workshop at our BOMA Austin Retreat and after that I take any opportunity I can to hear him speak.

Kevin led an engaging and very insightful team communication session when I worked at Dell EMC, and I still use the concepts and methods we learned over those 2 days. His approach was authoritative and universal – we had team members of various ages and cultures, yet we all felt unified by Kevin’s upbeat attitude and obvious love for what he does. After the session, I connected with him on various social channels and I’m always happy to see what new ideas he comes-up-with. I would gladly organize or host an event with him as the centerpiece!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I met Kevin Karschnik a few years ago while preparing for an event I was invited to speak at. He helped me prepare by going over what I was going to say with me and giving me tips & insight on delivery methods. I have since worked with Kevin in the creation of his speaker reel along with several other videos and have shared the stage with him at a recent event. Kevin spends hours in preparation of an event and when he gets on the stage, he is incredibly flawless. He engages his audience with his drive & energy as well as with personalized content and stories that capture your attention. Not only is he an incredible speaker and business man, he is an incredible person with a heart of gold. He is supportive, passionate about helping others and commits himself to giving back to the community. He truly embodies what a solid leader in the industry looks like. Given the opportunity, Kevin will take your business to the next level!

Working with Kevin has consistently proven to be an amazing experience. Everything from the easy of scheduling, to providing effective training with positive feedback – every time!

I had the pleasure of getting connected to Kevin Karschnik through his work at iSpeak with my employer Texas Instruments. He was kind enough to connect with me offline to discuss my journey in the entrepreneurial speaker and consulting world and offer his insight and guidance from his own personal experience.

While I often connect with people along the speaker circuit and in the consulting world, Kevin was kind enough to go above and beyond sharing his time on calls with me to download what he has learned along the way. Many people keep their lessons learned tight to the vest, but Kevin has been extremely generous in sharing his knowledge, best practices, resources, tools, and lessons learned as well as connected me with so many other experts in the field.

His expertise in agile leadership and positive psychology help teams and individuals reach peak performance. Not only is he exceptional in delivering to customers in this space, he exemplifies “walking the talk” and modeling the behaviors in which he educates his clients. I have had the opportunity to see him in action and he keeps his audience engaged and they walk away with practical takeaways that can be implemented immediately.

It’s a pleasure to call Kevin a friend and mentor in this evolving space that he has become an expert in.

I invited Kevin to speak to our all staff training event for AGE of Central Texas, a nonprofit organization in Austin. For nearly two hours, Kevin shared insights with our team. He made the presentation engaging and relevant for a diverse group–from drivers and certified nurse aids who work closely with clients every day to our Executive Director. He made a great effort to make his presentation relevant to our organization and its work. His insights and suggestions helped each staff person consider who he or she interacts with (from caregivers and clients, to donors, to vendors or tenants) and how each moment of interaction can impact a relationship with our organization. After the meeting, I had staff members go out of their way to reach out and tell me how much they appreciated the presentation Kevin gave, and how they felt it would impact their work and their lives. I am grateful to Kevin for the time and care he took in preparing a presentation that worked for us, and for listening and taking cues from our audience to make the information useful for our team. I would highly recommend Kevin as a well informed, talented speaker.

I have participated in several sessions where Kevin Karschnik spoke, and he always inspires me! I love his positive messages, and I highly recommend him for any speaking events or training sessions for your company. I have taken his courses at Dell, and during COVID he came and did a Zoom call with several members of Women in Action and I have taken his tips into the workplace and personally and professionally. Thank you Kevin for all you do! Keep on spreading your inspiration and tips!

Kevin is the absolute go-to for business speaking and training. He recently spoke to our Ascend class (a group of young business leaders) during a full day retreat and afterwards the entire group sang his praises. One participant exclaimed that, “Kevin’s presentation on Leadership Communication was worth the entire amount I spent on tuition for this year.” Kevin is the real deal. He has passion, integrity, warmth, and charisma. I have seen Kevin speak on multiple occasions and learn something new every time. A++++++++

I saw Kevin at a conference and knew his presentation would be perfect for another conference I was planning. He did a phenomenal job making sure his presentation was customized to what we needed and executed it wonderfully! He was so easy to work with and made our conference planning easier – I would definitely recommend him!

I have attended several of Kevin‘s training events. He is a dynamic presenter and I have learned key takeaways that I can apply immediately in my role. Highly recommend attending one of Kevin’s events!

Kevin is an expert in the art of teaching how to improve presentation skills. He has studied the subject for years and can now teach anyone how to deliver a successful presentation. His delivery is remarkably effective. I strongly recommend his seminars, workshops, and book to everyone who needs to give presentations on a regular basis.

Kevin spoke to our chapter in February 2022. He shared tips for staying positive under pressure. He was a pleasure to work with from initial contact to follow-up. The presentation was very informative. Kevin was very engaging. Many chapter members were pleased that after the presentation they had both an understanding of the theories around positivity and performance and some practical ways to increase positivity. The presentation was rated very well in our post-session evaluation. Members described the session as relevant, amazing, encouraging, helpful, and motivational. We look forward to working with Kevin in the future.

Kevin taught a facilitation skills workshop for a group of employees who would be leading enterprise-wide workshops. I sat in on the course and can attest to what a great job he did. The course itself was engaging and effective, and Kevin was an expert facilitator. The class received excellent reviews.

We have used Kevin so many times. This is a must have for all sales groups, and very important for all employees to learn about their audience and learn better presentation skills! I would highly recommend him!

Kevin led a wonderful program for CNY ATD on the topic of Positivity Under Pressure. It was a high energy and engaging program! Kevin provided participants with a ton of resources to check out. Participants evaluated the program very highly with lots of positive feedback. We can’t thank Kevin enough for his time and willingness to share his knowledge and wisdom with our community!

Kevin, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with the CNY ATD chapter regarding Positivity Under Pressure. Your presentation was amazing. I found you relatable, knowledgeable, and engaging. I have already started to implement some of the techniques shared. I am so glad I joined! I highly recommend. Thanks again!

I highly recommend Kevin! He is a dynamic speaker, he is organized, communicative, and easy to work with. He invested time in learning about the company, the culture, and the objectives of his speaking engagement. He designed a customized learning experience for my employees that met all the objectives and provided a truly engaging experience. He received rave reviews from my team and his session about growth mindset changed the way we approached problem solving! I will definitely ask Kevin to participate in another professional development opportunity in the future!

I attended one of KeyPoints3’s presentations; their insights were informative, helpful and I would even say inspiring. Their method of communicating made what he was saying even more effective. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting KeyPoints3 and highly recommend him!

I cannot thank Kevin enough. I attended his Agile Leadership workshop and found the entire content and delivery session insightful. This has been helpful working with all the different learner personalities I encounter when developing content and managing staff. Most of all it will help me personally. The positive message he conveyed is very closely related to how I train, manage and live, but to hear things in a more eloquent message I am able to continually grow my own skill sets. I cannot recommend Kevin enough. His session was eye opening and reaffirming.

I’ve known and worked with Kevin for 5+ years. I can readily list a dozen characteristics that attest to the professionalism, the value and the quality of Kevin as a business associate, as a company leader, and as an outstanding teacher. His workshops are exceptionally valuable and effective. The reliability of Kevin as a provider of services is superb. The ease and pleasure of interacting with Kevin are consistently positive and pleasant.

Always professional, always relatable, always knowledgeable. Kevin delivered again with his 1 hour webinar for our global staff on Positive Mindset. Thank you Kevin for your thoughtful. interactive, and timely program to support our staff and their well-being.

I can’t say enough about how Kevin has impacted my life and professional career. I always struggled with the coaching I received regarding public speaking as it seemed to be unnatural to me. Kevin encouraged me to be more – ME. His approach is kind and encouraging and most of all effective. After I took a class with Kevin, he coached me through my first big presentation – both the preparation and the delivery. Later I asked Kevin for help to deliver my father’s eulogy. There was no one else I would have turned to for this important speech. His guidance helped me deliver a memorable eulogy that I was able to deliver with confidence. I have my entire leadership team taking Corporate Ovations! I want us all to approach presentations using the same methodology, and I want us to use “Kevinisms” as we coach each other and give feedback. Kevin is a game changer who I would highly recommend. Thank you so much Kevin!
Kevin is a very profound speaker, presenter, and instructor. He commands the room in a very professional and personable manner. In just two days, Kevin taught me a lot of valuable and useful skills to help me become a better communicator. I learned how to effectively communicate with my audience to maintain their respect and attention. If you are a professional, I highly recommend sitting through one of his training sessions. You will take away something that will enhance your communication skills. In the words of Kevin, “There is no best, there is always a better.” Let him help you become better!

If you are looking for a dynamic and compelling speaker, I highly recommend Kevin! I recently got to encounter him for the topic of Growth Mindset and came away from his presentation with so many applications for my work and personal life. Kevin was enthusasic about the topic and brought the room into the discussion. He shared his own experiences which was a nice touch of vulnerability and doing so also helped to illustrate his key points. The materials he presented were well-organized and he kept a level of flexibilty so that the presentation remained engaging. I immediately came away from the discussion with some tools to flex my current thought patterns and the drive to take on new challenges. I look forward to the next presentation with Kevin.

Kevin Karschnik is an inspiring speaker, who provides practical knowledge and strategies that teams can apply right away. His authentic and assertive style of communication helps people embrace useful information, put it into practice and experience positive change.

If you want to motivate your teams to grow and thrive, contact Kevin,

Kevin and I met a couple of years back when I was working at Waste Management. He extended an offer for us to join in on a class he was delivering in the area. Kevin is a tremendous facilitator. He knows how to engage the classroom and keep everyone on track with the learning objectives for the day. The content he delivered was relevant to everyone in the class and he was able to relate the content back to real-life scenarios we face in our everyday work environments. If you have the opportunity to attend one of Kevin’s classes, I highly recommend doing so.
I have worked with Kevin on multiple training projects over the past few years. Kevin provided an exceptional classroom experience for our students. He is confident, energetic, friendly, and has excellent communication skills. We receive positive feedback on the sessions he delivers because participants appreciate his passion and experience.

I had the opportunity of having a workshop from Kevin at the LDP Discover training from BCG about grow mindset and I highly recommend his tools, his way of work and the great way that he has to transmit a message of changing your mind to the positive. As a leaders we forget about ourselves and on this workshop I could remind that I am a continue work in progress, thanks Kevin for being such a professional on this area.

Kevin has been providing executive speaker training to our company for several years now. While we’ve use them for a variety of programs, we primarily bring them in for a 2-day intensive workshop for rising executives. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several of these workshops that Kevin has led over the last 3 years. He’s an incredibly engaging speaker, a dynamic presenter, and an exceedingly thoughtful and constructive coach who can help make any speaker better. His workshop is part of a 3-week-long training series and Kevin consistently gets top ratings from our participants for the quality, applicability, and value of their teaching. In my individual interactions with Kevin as a business partner, he’s unfailingly generous with their time, insight, and stories. I’ve worked with many speakers, facilitation vendors, and partners from several companies over the years and Kevin is one of my all-time favorites.
It has been my pleasure to work with Kevin over the past 5+ years at Freeman and Torchy’s. He has the skill sets to be an overachiever in the professional trainer/motivator arena. If you are looking for a way to get your teams back on track with a fresh look at communicating with each other or polishing their presentation skills, he is a perfect choice. His style of presentation is adaptable to all levels of staff from the C-Suite to entry-level employees.
Kevin is an excellent speaker and trainer with years of expertise and a fun, animated style of teaching. Taking a class from him was energizing as well as informative. I continue to refer back to things I learned from Kevin a couple of years ago. In addition, he gives of himself and his business selflessly for others. It’s a real pleasure to recommend Kevin!

Kevin does such an amazing job engaging his audience and making his topics relatable and understandable. He is also very approachable and friendly. Thank you Kevin for your great work and the passion you bring to every presentation!

I met Kevin at a leadership training that my company sponsored and was immediately impressed by his approachable demeanor and positive spirit. He has a way of shining a light on development areas and providing simple but practical steps to tackle them that inspires me to do better. He covered the growth mindset material very well but had so many helpful ‘by the ways’ peppered in that I continue to follow to this day. If you’re looking for a thought partner to help you and your teams grow and thrive, he’s your man!

I reached out to Kevin to speak to our non-profit group’s Lunch and Learn event. We have had many speakers talk to us but Kevin was able to bring a new perspective. His style and delivery kept everyone’s engagement in the talk. My usually very quiet group participated in a dialogue with him while he spoke. I was very impressed and recommended him to speak at other events we hold. I would happily have Kevin speak to our group again.

Love it! Alwas great to hear Kevin speak. Kevin brings his A-game when speaking at our AAFAME events. I could be watching paint dry and be fascinated and entertained by Kevin’s words and thoughts. Good stuff, KK! Good stuff!

Kevin is an exceptional speaker. He presented for a nationally syndicated webinar series focused on association executives and the audience’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive. If you’re interested in a knowledge transfer experience that adds value in the age of distance learning, I implore you to reach out to Kevin Karschnik.

I was fortunate to attend a one-day training session held by Kevin, and I have to say that he is not only dedicated and experienced at what he does, but also very inspiring which keeps their audience engaging while he is educating them. Kevin is an intelligent, wise and excellent Trainer and Speaker – and I would encourage anyone that has a chance to attend one of their sessions and/or to meet with him one-on-one to do so. It’s amazing to work with such a person that has a strong determination to fulfill their goals, while at the same time being honest, open, and sincerely striving to help others achieve their goals.

What I have always found most impressive about Kevin is his enthusiasm and ability to connect with an audience. He is an excellent motivator and coach. Kevin’s message comes across clear and concise. His program is something that will definitely help my career!

I have been a client of Kevin’s for years and have always been 110% satisfied with the content and delivery of the workshops Kevin has conducted for us. Most recently, Kevin, created and delivered a webinar series on Tough Conversations. The content was on point and customized to the audience, the delivery was highly engaging, and attendees had great, actionable takeaways from his sessions. HIGHLY recommend Kevin!

NSHMBA-Austin chapter has hired Kevin on two different occasions and will continue working with Kevin in the future as a result of his dedication to help the group grow and provide quality expertise in the area of career coaching. He is a very personable and flexible person to work with and I would highly recommend his services.

Kevin is one of the best collaborators I have worked with and is an outstanding public speaker, facilitator, coach, and course designer. I have entrusted the development of my employees and staff to him for years and their content has been – by far – the most popular and impacting in the areas of communication and facilitation. If you seek customized content that will be raved about – and more importantly, utilized with demonstrable results – for years, Kevin and his team should be your choice. On top of that Kevin is engaging, innovative and FUN! I could not recommend him more highly.

We truly enjoyed Kevin’s presentation to the Financial Women in Texas, Austin Chapter, on Positivity Under Pressure. It was timely in the midst of the transitions we still face in 2021. A relevant reminder that we are what we think. He gave relatable, easy to understand examples of how our thoughts & minds work. Tips anyone can easily incorporate into their daily routine to increase your positivity, sprinkling little bits of humor throughout. Kevin was high energy, engaging with the audience, asking for input & feedback. The ladies left the meeting feeling revived and equipped to focus more on our mindset & how it impacts ourselves & others.

Kevin was a great communicator, easy to reach, and quick to respond prior to our event. He was personable and engaging. Afterwards, he shared his PDF slides for anyone that missed the meeting. We look forward to having Kevin speak again in the future.

Kevin delivered the best training class I’ve ever sat in on any topic. He was great, the group was a fun group, and I came away with so many things I can use immediately. In fact, I incorporated using many of the methods taught within days for an important presentation. It is amazing the difference it makes when you think through the process. I even used one of the group’s stories as my attention getter. The methods I learned in his class are now ingrained in my mind and are making a big difference as I prepare and deliver presentations.
Kevin has partnered with DISH for over 5 years as part of a 3-week long future executive development program at DISH. As we made improvements to the program, we expanded Kevin’s role to be a 2-day workshop. This workshop consistently receives top ratings for quality and applicability. The ratings were so good that we brought Kevin and team in to conduct a workshop with all of our executive team. Kevin is a trusted partner who I highly recommend. His passion, sincerity and insight is apparent in both workshops and his everyday interactions.
I have known Kevin since college but have not had the chance to hear him speak to a group. Recently, we needed an alumni to come and speak to a group of young men on goal setting, time management and priorities in life. The message he presented was spot on in how to maximize their time during the college experience. He could not have presented a more clear message to this group of young men. Thanks for your time Kevin!

Kevin recently hosted a webinar event with my company on positivity and I found his presentation to be extremely engaging and motivating. I have already begun using some of his suggestions for improving my morning routine. I also love the many metaphors and stories he shares to really connect the material on a personal level. My favorite was losing his hat while on vacation. We can all relate to giving minor things too much power over our happiness and when I catch myself slipping down that slope again, I think of the $20 hat story. I look forward to seeing more work by Kevin!

I’ve taken 2 classes from Kevin. He provides relevant information for the subject matter and engages the audience.