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Positivity Under Pressure

Today we are handling greater workloads and balancing the demands of career and family. The ability to stay positive, manage our emotions, and work under pressure are key to success in the workplace. In this keynote presentation, Kevin will share stories and show you how to develop a growth mindset, gain optimism, and reduce stress while maintaining a positive mindset. You will walk away with information and strategies you can apply immediately, including understanding your core values, learning happy habits, and overcoming a negativity bias, so we can be more productive and less stressed at work and home.

Agile Leadership

Learn how to embrace flexibility, cultivate high performing teams, and inspire transformation. In this keynote presentation, you will discover your communication style and learn how to flex your style to achieve better results and create stronger working relationships. Participants will identify key agile leader activities, pinpoint cognitive distortions that might hinder career success or impair relationships, and study emotional contagion and the impact on the team’s energy level, motivation and performance. You will leave class with information and strategies you can implement immediately.

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