I had the honor of hearing Kevin speak at our campus’s wellness staff retreat a few month ago and to say I left feeling transformed is an understatement. He has a way of demanding the room and allowing you to truly reflect on your life for the better. His presentation was centered around a positive mindset and being in a constant state of gratitude. With the ability to story tell and give real life examples, he made a impact not only on myself but with those I interact with. He assigned homework to each participant and it included writing down one’s core values which allowed me to reflect on what was truly important to me and be consistent with those things each day. He also shared a morning activity that he does which centers around showing gratitude. I have added that activity to my morning routine and although I still have work to do, I can attest that Kevin made a lasting impact on my life that was certainly for the best. I want to again thank you for you time and know that I look forward to working with you in the future.

Ashley C.
Human Resources | Talent Management | Employee Relations | Data Analyst | Talent Development | Mental Health First Aider | Mediator | Clinical Psychology