Kevin Karschnik

Unlock the Power of Positivity and Achieve Your Greatest Potential

Kevin Karschnik is a keynote speaker and author who is recognized around the globe as an expert in leadership and communication.

Kevin Inspires Audiences to Achieve Peak Performance

Your audience doesn’t need another generic keynote. They want a mix of motivation and practical action. Kevin’s audiences walk away with information and strategies they can put to work immediately. Clients who book international keynote speaker and author Kevin Karschnik, benefit from a memorable, educational and motivational experience.


Positive Mindset

Positive Mindset

Techniques for Cultivating a Resilient Mindset

Your mindset has the power to transform the way you see the world, view failure, and build resilience. In this session, you will learn practical activities to build optimism, reduce stress, and become more mindful. Participants will walk away with information and strategies they can apply immediately including happy habits...

Agile Leader

Leadership Strategies to Embrace Flexibility and Cultivate Success

Learn how to embrace flexibility, cultivate high performing teams, and inspire transformation. In this session, you will discover your dominant communication style and more importantly, learn how to flex your style to achieve better results and create stronger working relationships. Participants will identify key agile leader activities, pinpoint cognitive distortions...

What People Are Saying about Kevin

Kevin presented multiple times for the Austin Association of Facilities and Maintenance Engineers over the years. His training programs, and his delivery of the programs, were always very captivating and informative. I remember one occasion when the room was packed, and all stayed until the end getting every piece of information they possibly could. Over 24 hours later and the buzz was still in the air about how great this session was in both the material presented and the guy presenting it. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone who is considering utilizing his services.
Kevin has provided amazing training to our customers for over 5+ years. Every single time we partner with him to launch training with a new site, we get nothing but rave reviews. Kevin has been so easy and fun to work with from the very start, and I jump at the chance to tell others about them. The classes are fun, engaging, and relevant to both our work and professional lives. Perhaps the most impressive thing though is how thoroughly they research our industry and roles in order to deliver the training. Not a single person leaves a training without feeling like Kevin really knows and understands what we do, and without feeling like we have new skills to do our jobs better than before.

If you are looking for a dynamic and compelling speaker, I highly recommend Kevin! I recently got to encounter him for the topic of Growth Mindset and came away from his presentation with so many applications for my work and personal life. Kevin was enthusasic about the topic and brought the room into the discussion. He shared his own experiences which was a nice touch of vulnerability and doing so also helped to illustrate his key points. The materials he presented were well-organized and he kept a level of flexibilty so that the presentation remained engaging. I immediately came away from the discussion with some tools to flex my current thought patterns and the drive to take on new challenges. I look forward to the next presentation with Kevin.

Kevin’s session at the 2023 UHD Staff Wellness Retreat was engaging, inspiring, and motivating. I left feeling prepared to approach my work with a fresh mindset, and I was excited to immediately employ some of the internal reflection strategies Kevin shared.

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