Kevin Karschnik

Unlock the Power of Positivity and Achieve Your Greatest Potential

Kevin Karschnik is a keynote speaker and author who is recognized around the globe as an expert in leadership and communication.

Kevin Inspires Audiences to Achieve Peak Performance

Your audience doesn’t need another generic keynote. They want a mix of motivation and practical action. Kevin’s audiences walk away with information and strategies they can put to work immediately. Clients who book international keynote speaker and author Kevin Karschnik, benefit from a memorable, educational and motivational experience.


Positive Mindset

Positive Mindset

Techniques for Cultivating a Resilient Mindset

Your mindset has the power to transform the way you see the world, view failure, and build resilience. In this session, you will learn practical activities to build optimism, reduce stress, and become more mindful. Participants will walk away with information and strategies they can apply immediately including happy habits...

Agile Leader

Leadership Strategies to Embrace Flexibility and Cultivate Success

Learn how to embrace flexibility, cultivate high performing teams, and inspire transformation. In this session, you will discover your dominant communication style and more importantly, learn how to flex your style to achieve better results and create stronger working relationships. Participants will identify key agile leader activities, pinpoint cognitive distortions...

What People Are Saying about Kevin

I’ve known and worked with Kevin for 5+ years. I can readily list a dozen characteristics that attest to the professionalism, the value and the quality of Kevin as a business associate, as a company leader, and as an outstanding teacher. His workshops are exceptionally valuable and effective. The reliability of Kevin as a provider of services is superb. The ease and pleasure of interacting with Kevin are consistently positive and pleasant.

Kevin is the absolute go-to for business speaking and training. He recently spoke to our Ascend class (a group of young business leaders) during a full day retreat and afterwards the entire group sang his praises. One participant exclaimed that, “Kevin’s presentation on Leadership Communication was worth the entire amount I spent on tuition for this year.” Kevin is the real deal. He has passion, integrity, warmth, and charisma. I have seen Kevin speak on multiple occasions and learn something new every time. A++++++++

I was fortunate to attend a 2-day Communication workshop taught by Kevin. From word selection, to presentation structure and body language, he helped us to develop a positive and engaging delivery to the audience. It wasn’t just his ability to help us communicate more effectively that made it so meaningful, he made the course interesting and fun. This was easily one of the most impactful training workshops I have attended. Thank you Kevin and I look forward to the next!

Kevin is one of the best collaborators I have worked with and is an outstanding public speaker, facilitator, coach, and course designer. I have entrusted the development of my employees and staff to him for years and their content has been – by far – the most popular and impacting in the areas of communication and facilitation. If you seek customized content that will be raved about – and more importantly, utilized with demonstrable results – for years, Kevin and his team should be your choice. On top of that Kevin is engaging, innovative and FUN! I could not recommend him more highly.

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