The Most Important Skill for Success

What do all successful people have in common, regardless of occupation or location?


In my book, The Intention Imperative, I define intentionality as being crystal clear on what you want to achieve and taking the right action every day to achieve it.

But is there one skill more important than all others for achieving and sustaining success? I believe there is..

Time to Reset

Time to Reset!
We did it. We survived the craziest year in our history, made another trip around the sun, and we are still standing. But do you still feel like you are in a complete daze?

It’s time to reset and grab the new year by the horns!

A reset is your ability to regain control, focus on what is most important, and create the life you want on purpose. It requires you to delve into your automatic thought patterns, belief systems, and daily habits to identify which ones are serving you.

Where could you use a reset? At home? Work? In your relationships? All of the above?

It can feel overwhelming to tackle…